Amidst all the news and uncertainty, we just wanted to spread some love and positivity. As a small business, we want to make sue we continue putting out community first and while we don’t know how Covid-19 will effect business in the coming weeks/months, we want to ensure you that we’re still here for you and will still be fulfilling orders for the foreseeable future.

But while we’re in a state of self isolation, we encourage you to support small businesses where you can, stay fit and exercise at home, pick up the phone (we mean an actual call, not WhatsApp) and check on your mum, your extended family, neighbours, and your friends (especially the parents, the “strong ones” and the freelancers/self employed people in your life). Let’s meditate, practice gratitude and strategise for the things ahead that are still within our control.

In the meantime we would like to impart some useful books, podcasts and online fitness resources to make the next few weeks a bit more enjoyingable.

Books for Courage & Self-care

More Than Enough by Elaine Welteroth

Award winning writing, judge on Project Runway and former editor of Teen Vogue, Elaine Welteroth is literally our BFF in our head (and we’re sure this will manifest in real life post-C19). If you need some lessons in courage and perseverance and want to be able to say it loud and proud: “I am more than enough!” you’ll absolutely love this.

What a Time to Be Alone by Chidera Eggerue

Ok so if you don’t know about the @theslumflower, it’s kinda serendipitous that Corona has allowed us to introduce her to you because she’s just amazing! Author, Speaker, feminist and creator of #saggyboobsmatter this book right here will keep your self-worth sky high in these trying times and encourage you to exercise self-care so you can live your best life while embracing this time of minimal outside contact.

Vegan Eats by Rachel Ama

Want to switch up your diet and inject some vegan recipes into your daily life? Look no further! Rachel’s book is filled to the brim of simple, gorgeous plant-based recipes, that will keep you nourished and healthy. Not saying you need to become vegan, but balance dah-lings is everything!

Slay in Your Lane by Elizabeth Uviebinene and Yomi Adegoke

Self-isolation is a great time to think about your career, seek inspiration for your next move or perhaps start plotting your first (or third) business. This Black Girl Bible will equip you with all the advice you need from UK girls slayin’ the game!

Podcasts for Motivation & Inspiration

Here I Stand with PD Lorde

Did we mention our Founder, Tahlia is on a podcast? For anyone who attended our #WhatSheSaid event at W Hotel at the end of last year, you’ll be familiar with the powerhouse author, international speaker and lawyer that is PD Lorde. Well… we sat down with her to chat about all things Sheer Chemistry and the highs and lows of our journey so far. Perhaps something to help your creative juices flow during your lunchbreak?

My Taught You by Myleik Teele

If you’re a boss and you know 2020 is still ‘bout to be your year despite this Covid drama, then Myleik Teele is definitely ya girl who never fails to inspire and sprinkle gems of entrepreneurial wisdom and life advice on her podcast. She’s also the founder of CurlBox, so if you’re not already following her on IG, now’s the time!

Reggie Yates Podcast

Recently got hooked on this absolute gem of a podcast. It’s so refreshing to hear woke men discuss life and some very serious topics with genuine love and compassion for each other.

Fave episodes are Ep. 65 Ft. Clara Amfo, Ep. 75 Ft. Charlie Dark, Ep. 15 Ft. Coupe, and Ep. 11 Mim Shaikhbut they are all golden so you may as well start from the top and let the good times roll!

Online Fitness for your Body, Mind & Soul

With our stockpile already dwindling and it only being day 4, we think it’s wise not only for our waistline, but our sanity and overall wellbeing to keep active while we WFH. For this reason, we’ve curated a list of our fave fit girls who can help keep your immune system at bay and keep you looking fly, even if you remain in your PJs from Mon-Fri.

Rock it with Rho

If you love to pop that booty and keep the vibes flowing, you better Rock It Like It’s Hot! The queen of Soca Aerobics and Waistline Workouts will be taking her class schedule online via Zoom so you and your waistline can stay snatched for the foreseeable! Group sessions will be from Mon-Wed starting from £5. Email to book your spot.

Sanchia Legister @misssanchialege

For a daily dose of hype, energising good vibes and words of inspiration flowing through your veins, you will need Sanchia in your life from here on now! Whether it’s her morning dance or yoga sessions (via her Insta Stories) or the selection of online yoga classes she’ll be offering along with her bangin’ playlist, we can guarantee she’ll bring you nothing but zen. Sign up to her newsletter to stay in the loop with her online timetable – just scroll to the bottom.

Matilda Egere-Cooper @megerecopper

Running is the best drug! WFH is a bit of ying and yang. And if you’re indoors all day, that means you need a bit of ourdoors. So get on your trainers and head out for a brisk walk or run if you can.

Matilda, Founder of Fly Girl Collective and Super Fly Girl will be hosting a series of lunchtime 5k virtual runs. So if you’re ready for some cardio and need some accountability, hit her up!

Melissa Alcantara @fitgurlmel

Want to do circuits at home? Melissa has a series of super short YouTube vids (1-3 mins each) that teach you how to do a selection of exercises, with nothing but an exercise mat, a chair and the occasional dumbbell. You’ll be a pro in no time! She also has some serious recipe inspo in case you want to up your WFH cooking game.

Shona Vertue @shona_vertue

Who said buns and abs of steel were to be left in 2019? Our fave Aussie fit gal will be hosting her “At home live workout & yoga programme” via her YouTube Channel. This will include a healthy dose of yoga and weight training to keep you tight!

Hope these all bring a ray of sunshine into your life! If you’d like to share anything you’ve been loving recently, either let us know in the comments or fire us an email to and we’ll share it on another blog post!

We’re here for you. Stay safe and let’s stay connected.

With love,



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