Choosing the perfect skin colour tights

Like mystical creatures in fairy tales, you may not have believed the day would ever come when you would get your hands on the perfect pair of brown tights that actually match your skin tone.

You have probably gasped with excitement in utter wonder that you have finally found brown girl magic tights but before you talk yourself out of going ahead and claiming the flawless legs you deserve. We discuss the three stages of accepting that you can in fact wear skin colour tights – you can let us know where you fall on the spectrum.


Wait! What? Brown tights. In more than one shade? Babe, it’s okay. It may seem like you just died and went to heaven but let us assure you, Sheer Chemistry looks and feels just as good. According to the Oxford dictionary, "nude" = a beige-pink shade, and yes this may be what we have been led to expect throughout your life, but we are here to declare (in our best Oprah voice): Brown is beautiful. Your beauty is valid. Brown is nude too!

It’s actually wild how years of conditioning can make you delete yourself from the equation. That’s not necessary here. We see you! By providing our tights in 5 luscious shades of brown, we allow you to celebrate your shade of beauty. Just as you are. 

You now have the power to go nude. So, go on honey, take a chance.


“Will they make my legs look ashy though?” It’s a fair question. Some have tried, many have failed. What makes us different?

We’re made by women of colour for women of colour! We know first-hand what it feels like to buy grey-beige tights under distorted department store lights and pray that they have some resemblance of brown when your legs hit daylight. We know how self-conscious wearing ashy tights has made you feel. That’s why we spent 3 years developing shades that are made with you in mind. Tested on women who look like you. Bought, enjoyed and celebrated by them too.

American Tan, Beige, Barely Black? Nah not here. For the first time, perhaps in your life. You don’t have to worry because we got you.


Good things happen – often. Today is one of those days when your expectations meet reality and you finally find your perfect match. We believe in Sole-Mates (not to be confused for Soulmates) and this here, is the start of a wonderful relationship where together we will evolve into the most Ambitious, Confident and Radiant versions of ourselves. Do you believe in Sheer Chemistry? Your journey starts here.













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