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Ambition Matt Tights

Ambition Matt Tights

For an invisible, velvetty smooth second-skin
"The Boss Babe"


Radiance Gloss Tights

Radiance Gloss Tights

For a natural & silky well-oiled leg look
"The Party Starter"


Radiance Gloss Tights

Confidence Control Tights

Slimming tights that lift and shape your curves
"The Superwoman"


Have you heard we now do dance tights?

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It’s no surprise thousands of women around the world are embracing the power of Sheer Chemistry tights.


"The beauty is that I had two people tell me they didn’t realise I had tights on because they look so natural. Thank you for making it possible for us!"



“As someone who is not a massive fan of showing my legs, Sheer Chemistry gave me the confidence to rock my legs in a way that made me feel beautiful paired with my comfy Huarache trainers”



"The tights are the best I’ve ever bought. 100% good quality super soft material and the shade is perfect. I highly recommend – the price is worth it!"


Your Shade Matters

We believe everybody has the right to go “nude”. There’s not just one way to define beauty. It comes in all shades, shapes and ethnicities. That’s why we’ve created a range of tights in five luscious shades to match all brown skin tones, so that you can feel seen, feel celebrated and feel gorgeous every time you wear them! Your Tights | Your Shade

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