The Tights Afterlife

All good things must come to an end, and our tights you know and love are no different. They will stick with you through thick and thin; come rain or shine; but that dreaded day is inevitable. You know what we’re talking about...laddering. They would have had a long happy life and you may think it’s time to lay them to rest, but we are here to tell you that there is, in fact, an afterlife.


'As the saying goes, when one door closes, another one opens. Or rather in this case, when one pair of tights ladder, turn them into anti-chafe shorts!'


We’ve been there, you’ve gone the entire day feeling great in your Sheer Chemistry tights, only to come face to face with a rogue strip of Velcro on a fellow commuter's bag that’s only objective is to attach itself to your tights *eye roll*. It’s at this point you hear the flat-lining of your beloved tights, and you continue the rest of your journey home holding back tears from the injustice, whilst trying to convince yourself that the clear nail varnish trick you were told about during school will repair the heartache. Spoiler alert, it just makes the ladder look crusty.

As the saying goes, when one door closes, another one opens. Or rather in this case, when one pair of tights ladder, turn them into anti-chafe shorts! We’ve embraced the lifecycle of our tights and have come up with some new ways to transform old pairs so that they don’t end up in landfill.


7 Ways to Give Your Old Tights a Second Life

#1 Hair Tie

These are actually our go-to instead of buying off-the-shelf options. The elasticity is so much better and is far more durable. This one is a real gamechanger.

#2 Anti-Chafe & Control Shorts

Cut off the spent legs of your Confidence range tights and you can continue to wear the top part as your own version of Spanx. Be sure to keep hold of the leg of the tights as we have some tips for these coming up...

#3 Confidence Bra

If you’re more in need of support further up your torso, or have another pair Confidence that needs reviving, why not try making yourself a ‘nude’ sports-like bra.

#4 Mesh Strainer

Have you kept hold of the leg of the tights like we suggested? Well, say hello to your new mesh strainer! After giving them a thorough wash, simply cut the off foot of the tights and strain away. We like to use this for making oat milk to use on our skin as a natural alternative for dry skin relief.


#5 Vacuum Cleaner Catcher

We’ve all been on our hands and knees scouring the floor for the tiny earring that has decided to disappear. But with your vacuum cleaner and the foot of old tights, you can find any small escapee with ease.

#6 Hair Bonnet / Wig Cap

Keep those braids looking fresh with a quick and easy hair bonnet. Or why not try creating your own wig cap by snipping off the legs and tying a small, discreet knot.

#7 Plant Support Tie

When our houseplants are in need of support, we take a bamboo stick, a strip of old tights, and a small dowel to create the perfect support structure. This method also means you can easily remove the support and reposition as your plants continue to grow.


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Jonies Henry

I love the bare leg look and during the winter months I’m not adverse to going (leg) commando. But in saying that, when I do wear hosery I prefer to wear holdups and have been since the 90’s.
The great thing about holdups is that when 1 leg has a ladder, you still have the other leg to wear! Of course you’ll still have to take a leg from a new pack to start with but in the long run this is more cost effective for the consumer.
If you could expand your range to include holdups, I think that would be a game changer for your company.
Please don’t worry, I’m not going to charge you when you use my idea.
Looking forward to the upcoming new addition to your range.
Best regards

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