What’s My Size?

My legs are really long. How do I make sure my tights don’t sag at the crutch? Do they come up small?

We’ve heard it all…

When it comes to choosing the perfect skin colour tights, comfort is key. So to ensure you love your tights and they don’t sag or snag, we’ve highlighted all the common questions so you can get it right - first time.

Our Size Guide

Sheer Chemistry sizes are determined by (1) your height; and (2) your hip size. If you are on the cusp, we suggest you go up a size. 

Common Questions, Answered.

I have really long legs, what size should I buy?

We suggest you identify which size you would be by height and hip and then go up a size.

For example: if you are 180cm tall, with a 36” hip you would normally be L. To account for your long legs, just go up to XL. 

How do I make sure my tights don’t sag at the crutch?

This normally happens when tights are too small. To avoid this, we advise you to choose your size based on the size guide above. Our sizes are unique to Sheer Chemistry so your tights fit you like they should! 

I read that size XL has an extra gusset, what does that mean? 

This means that our XL tights across all styles have an extra back panel. This allows for extra stretch and comfort for you. 

Do they come up small?

As we mentioned, our sizes are unique to us but in general, they do not come up smaller than typical sizes on the High Street so you do not have to compensate for this by choosing a size smaller. Doing this would make it more likely for your tights to ladder or sag at the crutch. Nobody wants that! 

I want to buy a pair of Confidence Control tights, does the sizing work the same?

Confidence tights are designed to lift and shape your curves - similar to Spanx. For this reason, if you want a snug fit (to pull you in) you can in this instance, go down a size. 

For example: if you normally wear M for Radiance and Ambition, you can buy a S for Confidence.

I usually buy the biggest size without thinking, shall I continue to do that?

Please choose your size according to our size guide provided. 

I’m a size 18, what size should I buy?

This would normally be size XL but may be different depending on your height and hip measurements. Please go by our size guide to ensure accuracy. 

I’m a UK size 24, do you have a size for me?

Our existing sizes fit up to a 48” inch hip which roughly equates to a UK size 18. We are working on increasing our size range, so please join our mailing list so we can notify you when they launch. 

Can men wear your sizes? 

Of course! The same rules apply - your height and hip size will determine which size you should buy. 

Do you do children’s sizes? 

Currently we don’t have a children’s range, but depending on your child’s height and hip measurements, they could possibly wear our existing sizes. Please check the size guide. 


Afton Stinnie

I am disappointed to Finally, finding types that come in my colour only to find that you don’t do my size. I am a UK size 18-20, but As a person of colour I am thic, so my hips measure at 50 inches.


What would a size 10 to 12 be? I have quite a big bum so sometimes i find some tights uncomfortable or too small.

Errol Hayes

XXL 20-26 do USA size

Errol Hayes

They look good I need a size 20-26 for my girlfriend.


Hi do you do any bigger 20 -26

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